Aunt Valya

The story of our acquaintance, arguing and cooperation with Aunt Valya, the old woman who had been feeding, until recently, local cats and can often be seen on our photo-shoots with cats on the street. She died this autumn, September 13th, 2018 and we feel necessity to write down what we remember. While we still remember.
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Life of Mooska

Almost all her life passed before our eyes. First time we noticed her in a family of some adolescent kittens in the summer of 2013 and the last time we saw her was April 28th 2017. She was very friendly cat who represented the soul of our yard and had been helping all other local cats to keep together. We miss her much and always will and I hope this post will help us to remember what has happened.
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Eight kittens in the box

In the end of October 2017 a group of small children brought to us a box of kittens... Children played near the railroad, which is about 2 kilometers form our house, when an adult man came to them and offered a paper box with four kittens inside and 100 rubles for the task to find a new owners for them. This is how we got eight kittens for adoption...
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