Two months after the Pokemons had emerged we found a group of four kittens in the adjacent yard. As always some of them were in very poor condition and we couldn’t just pass by.
Belobrysska (blondy, tow-haired) was the first kitten we’ve picked up.

I should say, that we can take new animals from the yard only into a cage, because there must be some quarantine time even if they looks good. But in most cases it is obvious that the animal has illnesses and fleas and we can’t allow them to contact with our other inhabitants.
We had a cage for Pokemons since the death of Cat With a Tumor so we can take them swiftly. There was no other cage in the beginning of summer 2016 besides the cage, occupied by Pokemons.
Right after the Pokemons had arrived the other well-known local cat – Nose (we gave her that name because of peculiar black spot on her nose) brought three kittens into the cellar beneath our windows.

We decided to take them and ordered a new cage on the Internet. At least one of the kittens, flap-eared girl, had very good chances to be adopted. Unfortunately, right the day before the cage arrived – kittens had disappeared. Nobody has seen them since. Of course they died somehow. Almost all kittens die here.
Although we have no any evidence, we think that it was done by janitors, because at the day of disappearance there was a great cleaning and mowing in the yard.
That is how we obtained a spare cage and was able to take these four kittens.

Belobrysska came to us in the family of four kittens – Banditka (the most healthy gray female cat), Timophey (white male cat with a little black spot on the top of the head), Vesnushka (ginger-white female cat).

three kittens
three kittens (Vesnushka refused to pose)

It took some time to cure their eyes and get rid of fleas. We tried to entertain their life in cage as much as we could. At first we’ve hung them a thick rope because we saw they like to hang on the cage’s walls. Then we’ve hung them a hammock – they liked it very much and even fought for the right to lay there.
Belobrysska especially liked to sleep in the hammock.

As their eyes had cured we began to make PR photos which helped Banditka to be adopted very quickly. It’s a typical situation – the most healthy and active kitten has largest chances to find a home, especially while he is still kitten. Adult cats and cats with problems have much less chances.
That is why kitten with illness has low chances to find a new home. You can’t give him away during the treatment but after the treatment it is almost adult cat, because kittens grow very quickly if receive ample food.

Later we noticed that Belobryska has signs of lichen. We got her tested in vet clinic and this premise was confirmed. So, three kittens that left by that time (Banditka had been adopted already) acquired yellow color during the treatment from lichen.

Belobrysska cat
Yellow Belobryska

During the treatment from lichen all three kittens lived in the cage and two hours a day they were allowed to run in our room.

Belobrysska & Timophey on a promenade
Belobrysska & Timophey

It was approximately that time, when we noticed that Belobrysska don’t react to us if she can’t see us. It appeared that she is deaf. Maybe this fact somehow corresponds to one peculiarity in her behavior: she often sleeps in dangerous positions on the edge of height with her head hangs down the edge. Moreover, she fell few times from the heights while she was sleeping. We even had to block free space on the wardrobe to restrain her from sleeping there.
She doesn’t hear us and doesn’t know that we call her “Belobrysska”, but she always runs to us when the eye contact is established and she understands that we are calling her.
Also, because she doesn’t hear her own voice she is screaming very loudly when she needs something.

Since her lichen was cured she lives with other cats.
Once we found a “new home” for her but despite the fact that we completely described all her traits, she was returned to us the next day because “she walks on the furniture and shoves things”.
Belobrysska has got a temper. She agree to sit on our hands only when she wants it herself or when she is in a good mood. But we still hope to find a new home for her.

In the year of 2017 Belobrysska ran away from the home twice.

First incident happened in the spring. She was’nt spayed yet and probably that was the call of her instinct.
She managed to rip off the corner of the mosquito net and jump out of the window.
We noticed this only after 8-12 hours in the late evening.
Of course Belobrysska didn’t wait for us under the window.
Cats, that lives all their life at home, become shocked and dazed when suddenly get on the street.
They usually run into the nearest cellar window and sit in the cellar in shock.
They may sit there for few days before hunger becomes strong enough to compel them to go out and find some food.
It’s a inane activity to try to call them out of the cellar because they are in shock condition and even wouldn’t recognize you.

It was absolutely inane activity to try to call Belobrysska out of the cellar because she is deaf.

We lost Belobrysska in Saturday evening. On Sunday we couldn’t find the cellar’s keys because Sunday is a non-working day.
On Monday’s morning we found shivering Belobrysska in the deep pit inside the cellar. We drew her out of the pit using food and took her home.

After that incident we spayed her, replaced mosquito net on the window and thought that everything would be OK after that.
But few months later, in the summer of 2017 ( this time we were at home ) a woman knocked to our door and shouted that our cats are falling down from the window 🙂

We are very grateful to this woman, she walked with child at the back yard of the house, saw how Belobrysska is making a hole in a mosquito net and falling from the window.
She also saw other our 4-6 cats, that were watching on Belobrysska’s undignified behavior with some curiosity.

Belobrysska fell out of the window, became frightened and started to scream.
Woman ran to the front yard, asked where the family with many cats lives (it seems that no one hesitated whom she is looking for ), told us about incident and ran back to protect yelling Belobrysska while we are dressing.

After that we put thick plastic net over the window in cats’ room and it is still holding on…

Update May 2018
In the winter 2017-2018 Belobrysska had refused to live in cat’s room.
She had been making a lot of noise screaming and yelling into the gap between door and floor so we couldn’t do our routine duties let alone to sleep.
So we were forced to let her live with us.
It took her about a month to adapt to the new conditions and after that she became a very tame cat and tries to spend as much time as possible sleeping near my wife 🙂
She also sleeps quite comfortably in various boxes or on radiators.
Sometimes she even helps me in my night-time software development.

It turned out that she likes to bath. She likes water and even sometimes can be seen in bathtub, playing with pools.
We washed off remnants of yellow color from her fur and she was very calm and silent during this procedure.

She has gained a little pink tummy and shows it by each occasion.

Because she is a deaf cat she has a few peculiarities in her behavior:
– she can’t be scared by hissing, what other cats try sometimes. So other cats have only two choices: fight or run.
– she is not afraid of a hairdryer!!! So we can easily dry her after bathing!
– she has a very deep sleep.
– more than other our cats she is attracted by moving images on PC displays

Update Summer 2019

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