We believe she appeared in our yard somewhere in August 2015, between the death of Cat with a Tumor and the “incarceration” of Spinka.
We don’t remember already how it happened in detail – just that she was a dirty abandoned kitten on the yellow bench.

We took her home and put into the cage, which had been bought for Cat with a Tumor and which later would be used as a place for Spinka. Because at that time we had a lot of problems with other kittens – Pusha, Ryzik and Gegemosha we have been able to pay attention to this kitten only in the beginning of September.

During September 2015 we made two photo shoots for this cat.
One – on the street with help of Aunt Valya.

And the other at home near the window.

Mimi turned out to be a cat with a temper. She partially resembled Vesnushka (who hadn’t been born yet at that time) – they both are ginger cats which sit in hands only when they want it and may bite you a little if they have a bad mood.

Mimi also had one peculiarity which caused some disagreement and misunderstanding between us and her new owner.
She had unusually large teeth. Especially fangs. I remember that I was a little fearful when I put an anthelmintic pill in her jaws.
Her fangs had such a size which was even amplified in my brain by the small size of the kitten itself, that I perceived them as a thing that can make a real damage to me 🙂

By the end of September we found for Mimi a new home. A girl living with parents, whose old cat had died recently, took Mimi.
Everything was nice at the beginning but then, after visit of vet doctor our relationships with this girl became somewhat tense.

Vet doctor said (because of the teeth size, apparently) that Mimi is an old cat which has a small body because of lack of food, though we described her as a kitten.
We tried to convince the new owners that Mimi is a kitten and it is obvious from the proportions of her body, that she had been living with us during two months and we saw that she had been growing, her skeleton had been growing… but, apparently, they thought that we had deceived them.
So, our direct contact was lost after this event.
New owner also refused to spay Mimi, though we had an agreement (as we always do) that she will be spayed after adoption when reaches an appropriate age.

Fortunately, the new owner has a page on one of the social networks where she sometimes places images of Mimi and one other cat that she adopted later.
In case that owner’s page or some images there won’t be available in the future we copy some of them here. You can see, that Mimi, of course, became a large adult cat now:

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