We found her on one cold winter day in February 2015 in the adjacent yard. She was sitting still on a pile of construction waste and didn’t go anywhere. She looked astonished and, apparently, sat there for a long time because when we tried to take her we noticed that her paws were frozen in waste.

She turned out to be very affectionate, but it took a week or so for her to get used to us.
During the first week she had been preferring to live on the top of wardrobe in order to make a conclusion on a safe distance – what kind of people we are and is it a sane decision to confide in us.

Soon she became relaxed and we lived together without any problems.
We made one PR photo shoot and, luckily, Laskushka was quickly adopted in a good family of two people – mother an daughter, so she lived with us only during one month.

She was adopted somewhere in March 2015 and since that time have been living very well.
New owners gave her name Masya.
Right after adoption the new owners said us that Laskusha is a very good cat, she is very affectionate but at the same time she didn’t impose her attention or caress.
She is ideal cat.

Before took on writing this post (in December 2017) we had contacted with the owners once again.
They confirmed again that this is ideal cat 🙂
She was spayed almost right after adoption.
One year later, in the summer of 2016 she underwent a surgery for urolithiasis.
Some time ago they also adopted a rather small doggy which have become Laskusha’s good friend.

Here you can see a few images for the last year.

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