Our mission (or rather fate) is tough. Since the winter of 2015 the number of cats in our flat varies, but it is generally about 10. Such quantity of animals consume high amount of food, produce much waste and create a great deal of chaos and destruction.
Our outlays constantly increase and unfortunately, not all of them can be measured in money.

But speaking of money, we generally use Whiskas/Felix/Sheba pouches as a main food for cats. There might be some controversy – is that a good food or we should use only dry food…
We know, that outlays would be minimized if we used mostly a dry food, as it is done at the professional shelters for animals that we’ve visited. But we love these cats and can’t feed them bread which is what the dry food actually is. At least the dry food which we can afford.
So each of our cats receives at least 3 pouches of wet food per day. This is a rock bottom. It costs about one dollar. Therefore one cat costs at least 30$ per month.
Therefore 10 cats cost us at least 300$ per month and it isn’t a real price, because we don’t feed them pouches only.
They also get a good dry food to sustain themselves between main meals. About three times a week they get a boiled fish or a fresh meat.
Also they needed a toilet filler (clay/wooden).

Sometimes they come down with illness (or rather we take them away from the streets in such condition) and often the best our “veterinary” could offer is some kind of interferon which is quite expensive.
We sterilize many of the cats that we take for further adoption.

So this “cat business” is quite expensive. Monthly cost for us is about or even greater than average salary in our country – about 700$. We can afford such behavior only because we live in the richest region of our country and average salary here is about twice the average of the country (and, of course, because we are a little bit crazy…).
Anyway, we and our “inmates” will be glad if you support us. It would help to take off some load from us.

We are well aware that there are much fraud around the animal protection and similar things, that is why we offer the ability to watch live video stream online from the room where most of the cats live (there are also four other cats, that we are considering as our own and which live in the other room). You can read their stories on the blog and observe their life on the video. It is little dangerous for us because sometimes cats can die or we may have to make an unpopular decision – for example, return an old animal, for which we couldn’t find adoption, to the street to free the space for new kittens…

We can’t offer you ability to be a patron of the one specific cat, because they all get the same treatment and are tended equally, but you can support us as a whole 🙂

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