We don’t want to make conspicuous links to this page, but it is very important for us.
As we mentioned in About section – we live on the first floor and life of the street animals goes before our eyes.
There are many pain and deaths in this life even though there are people which feed cats on the street and it seems that civilization rather than jungle surrounds us.

At this page we will describe our losses. The fights, which we have gotten into too late or unluckily.
All these evens have left scars on our life, relationships, minds…


~ 01.05.2013 – 01.10.2013
Cat With a Tumor

? – 20.06.2015 found on 01.05.2015

~ 15.05.2015 – 05.01.2017 found on 06.06.2015

~ 15.05.2015 – 18.04.2016 found on 15.07.2015

~ 15.03.2013 – 28.04.2017
Little Marquis

~ 15.07.2018 – 14.01.2019
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