On this page you can see links to the posts where we describe successful adoptions of our cats.

We carefully select the new family for them, but in most cases new owners keep contact with us only for a few weeks.
We are unable to demand more – it is legally impossible and in our reality it is a maximum level of assurance that we can acquire.

1) We select adequate people without obvious problems, without small children, having their own house/flat, having nettings on windows, having at least idea what the cat is and how to feed it.
2) If stage (1) is passed we carry a cat to the new owner’s house for we have to know where we can find the animal in case of problems. Then we ask the new owner to stay in touch with us at least for the first few weeks until everyone become sure that the cat and the new owner have established good relationships.
We assure the new owner that we understand the possibility of various problems – allergies, strange behavior etc because often the cat comes to the new home from the street. We ask the new owners to call us if some of those problems have arisen and they are unable to manage it – we will take the cat back without any questions and grudge.

We do not take any money for the adoption. We looking for a home for cats because we don’t want to see them dying beneath our windows.

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