Pregnant cat near the grocery store

Pregnant cat near the grocery store

Somewhere in March 2017 we noticed a pregnant cat near the grocery store which is about 500 meters from our house.
Usually we don’t interfere with cats’ problems outside of our yard, because it’s all too much for us.
But this cat was tame and pregnant…
We didn’t know where she lived but she often sat on the store’s porch and waited when someone would give her a food.
This was obviously a stray cat because she contacted with people easily.
We made some shots on a cellphone and posted images on a social network in hope that someone would help this animal.
We couldn’t take her ourselves because our flat is significantly overpopulated.

Fortunately, at the end of March two young women in Moscow responded to our post and agreed to take the cat to their flat for the time, when we are looking for adoption together.
By that time we hadn’t seen this cat for a few days.

We began to search and eventually found her in the adjacent store under the ladder in a place for trash and old boxes.
She had already given life for three kittens.

The closet had a padlock so we could lure the mother with a pouch of food but we couldn’t reach out for the kittens.
To our luck, the personnel of that store gave us the keys and helped us to trudge through the garbage in this closet.
I had anticipated that we would face some problems because no one in the store knew us and no one would be interested to be bothered just because of a cat.
But I was surprised in a good way. People from the store have helped us without impeding or asking any questions, as soon as we claimed that they have a cat with kittens under their ladder and we are intended to take her out of here.

When we was taking the cat and her kittens from the closet we found three dead kittens.
The cat was laying on them so we don’t know – either they had been born dead or she killed them accidentally.
Cat also didn’t impede us and allowed to take her an her children into the cat-carrier-bag.

So, the field stage of the operation “cat under the ladder” has been finished smooth and quickly.
We took this family home, “repacked” kittens into the soft warm box and carried all the family to the Moscow.
We had three kittens for adoption.

The cat was taken by two young women which were interested in animal protection too.
They already had two dogs and one cat in their flat.
They created a separate place and relaxed surroundings for the new inhabitants.

The cat also did her best to get along with other animals in that flat.
We were told that she is a very good mother, she spent almost all her time with kittens and also was a tame, calm animal.
During her life in that flat she haven’t made any troubles.

Women made a few fotoshoots.
Actually, all further images were made by these women and as you can see all of them were made with love.

The first – just to show how cute the kittens are.
Later they made some more PR photoshoot because they already were experienced in finding adoption for animals.

Kittens grew up in the foster house together with two dogs.
There are few images where kittens are calmly posing along with large dogs.

Grey kitten was swiftly adopted by the parents of these young women.
We weren’t worried much for his fate – he has got into a good family with daughters that are animal protection activists.

For the second, stripy-mottled kitten we have found a family in social networks. A married couple had arrived for her and this ordinary kitten have gotten into the family which were interested in purebred animals before. She became there a favorite pet. Later we received a few pictures of this kitten from the new house and even received a large bag of Canadian dog food from this family. Their dogs didn’t like this food for some reason, but we always know a few grateful and undemanding consumers, of course…

Girls decided to find a adoption for the third, black kitten by themself, withount councelling with us – unsuccessfully.
New owners have returned the kitten after some time citing child allergies (fortunately, they didnt throw him to the street).
During this time girls became attached to these kittens, which have got along with their other pets so this black kitten
became a new member of this large family of dogs, cats and humans.

After all kittens had been adopted we could start a search for a new home for the mother-cat.
She has been spayed.

Usually, people take for adoption an adult cats less willingly than kittens.
We honestly described the known history of this cat, how affectionate and kind she is.
A married couple replied to our post.
They intended to adopt an ordinary, unremarkable cat from the street and came for our grey cat, but later they have written us that in fact, they have chosen a very beautiful cat. 🙂

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