We took him away from children one evening right in the middle of the summer 2015.
It was a stray kitten, apparently, because he looked astonished and didn’t try to hide anywhere.
We took him home, where already three kittens – Pusha, Ryzik and Big Grey – lived .
You can see some of his additional images and one video on the Ryzik’s page.
In the beginning he was slightly larger than other the kittens and upon acquaintance started to bite them to show that he is the major kitten there.
That is why we gave him such name “Gegemosha” – little hegemon.
After a few days all kittens became a good friends. They slept and eat together.

Gegemosha was a nice, tame and affectionate kitten.
He had a bright, plushy fur and always looked for a opportunity to play with humans.
He also liked very much when somebody stroked him.

During routine medical procedures we noticed that he, without any hesitation, eats what we give him. There were no any problems to give him a pill because he literally ate it out of our hands.
We think that this peculiarity might have played a cruel role in his fate.

We made a couple photo shoots to advertise this nice kitten and he found a new home by the end of September 2015.
So, he lived with us for about 2.5 months.

We gave him away in the family of two people in Moscow and kept in contact with them over email.
According to those e-mails everything was fine and Gegemosha had found a good home and lovely family.
They gave him a new name – Pushik, but we use his old name.
In the beginning of 2016 we received a couple of pictures where he was a big cat already.

But unfortunately, by the middle of April 2016 something strange had happened.
The new owner wrote to us that Gegemosha is extremely sick.
At first he became passive and sad. Later he started refusing to eat.
She couldn’t explain what had happened neither could doctors in a couple of vet clinics in which she showed the cat.
Gegemosha refused to eat and had significantly enlarged kidneys. Doctors had prescribed a vast list of medications “against everything” but it didn’t help and his state had been gradually becoming worse and worse.
After about two weeks of vain efforts, as a last resort the new owner contacted us for a help.

We took him back immediately and showed in two local vet clinics. He already was in very bad condition and barely moved.
Apparently his condition was very painful because he screamed and vet doctor said that was the sound of dying animal.

We still have no clue what has happened to him.
As we were told later, not long before his illness, Gegemosha managed to open the window and fell from the fifth floor.
He was on the street all that day, but after that he looked and behaved normally so we think that the impact itself wasn’t the cause of his illness. But as I mentioned before, he was gullible and not so picky in matter of food.
We think that he was poisoned somehow during his day on the street. Maybe he found some poisoned food for rats or something like that..

New owner did him a blood tests, which revealed malfunctioning kidneys.
The terminal stage of renal failure.
The biochemical blood test showed that kidneys’ indicators were far away of suitable for life values. Especially creatinine, which was 1400mmol/l and urea, which was 30mmol/l.
She also did an x-ray images, but they didn’t revealed fractures or something…
Biochemical blood test
X-ray image 1
X-ray image 2

We also did him an ultrasonic test, which revealed significantly enlarged kidneys and thickened wall of the intestine.
Ultrasonic test image 1
Ultrasonic test image 2
Ultrasonic test, conclusion

The prognosis of the doctor, considering blood test, was bad, but we weren’t ready to put him to sleep and did him prescribed IV fluids and carried him to vet clinics to squeeze his urine because he was unable to piss by himself.

We barely recognized former agile and bright animal in this little piece of dirty and bloody fur, which screamed and tried to get closer to us on his inflexible legs.
We never thought that he would return to us in a such way…

He lived with us only for a few days and died in the early morning 18th April 2016
He was still warm when we found him near the couch so we buried him the next day in the forest.

We informed his owner. She cried… Gegemosha (Pushik) had already become the part of her family…

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