She’s name is Pusha.
We know her almost since her birth and probably won’t give away, although formally she is not an “our” cat.
In the late spring of 2015 the well-known local cat Moos’ka brought out from the cellar her children.
You can see that moment on the pictures below. Pusha was the smallest kitten and sat between her brothers – Big Grey and Ryzik.

There were thee kittens and we had already known that we have a choice – to take them home or let them die during the week.
Among those three kittens Pusha had a mediocre health condition.
Big Grey was the biggest and the the most healthy.
Ryzik (ginger kitten) was weak and had a lot of problems with his eyes.
Pusha was a small kitten and had some, not so serious problems. She had some eye discharges but her eyes didn’t become glued. Her medical tests were OK.
The majority of problems that we had concerned Ryzik, because we had to separate his eyelids twice a day – but this is another story.

Later we found out that the ginger kitten definitely has incurable immunodeficiency disease and with a good treatment can live no more than 4 years.
Pusha’s tests didn’t reveal any signs of this disease, but there were may doubts – what number of the same tests one should take to be sure that they are true.

Pusha takes her tests
Pusha is taking her tests in the February of 2017

Even 2 years later there is something oozing from her eye and she often break her whiskers.

Pusha. Broken whiskers and eye discharge.
Pusha. Broken whiskers and eye discharge.

Because all three kittens lived together we presumed that Pusha has some immune problems and therefore she must be the only cat in the foster family in case of adoption.
It is, of course, put strong additional restrictions on our search for a new home and therefore this search was very slow.
For now we have silently stopped our activity in this direction.
My wife loves Pusha for her own reasons.
I love Pusha for she is a daughter of Moos’ka which has been killed recently.

We have no any images of treatment because it was a difficult time for us (see About section, that was a time when we left our bedroom for cats), but few months later kittens became better and we began to make PR images to find them new home.

PR photo sessions is a dull process that is unbearable for young kittens. They had to find a way to blow some steam off.

In fact, they had so much steam so we had to put some constraints on them during the vacuum cleaning.
kittens in the cage

Pusha has been growing a very curious cat. She always looked for new friends and opportunities even if she had to climb the carpet for this. On the picture below you can see how Pusha (on the height of about 2 meters above floor) was trying to hit it off with Spinka. Maybe she expected to make a good business, trading goods from freedom into jail, but Spinka had all she was needed.

At the age of about 8 months we spayed her.

Now Pusha is adult cat and we love her.
She still has a little problems with some kind of fluid in the right eye. Also her eyes a little squinty.
It seems that her back legs are also clubfooted a little. Maybe that is why she stomps so loudly 🙂

She is a cat that sometimes like to act like a dog.
No, she doesn’t gnaw our shoes but various wires instead. We’ve already lost a number of headphones and PC mice.
She also hates collars which, we presume, is made of dogs…

Also she likes very much to catch and bring to you little things that you would throw.
If nobody plays with her – she could just rest under the sun.
She also sleeps with us in the bed every night.
She doesn’t like and persecutes Ginger Pokemon for some reason, but ignores White Pokemon.
The most part of her life she lived in the “cats’ room” among other cats but “scratched the way out” into our room recently, and it seems, since we allowed her to live in our room, she thinks that she is a cat of a higher society and she hiss on former roommates an doesn’t play with them anymore.

Update Spring 2019.
Pusha is doing quite well. She definitely became our own cat and the best friend of my wife 🙂 So we do not look for a new home for her and never will.
She’s right eye still has some liquid in it and she often keeps it closed but apart from that she looks healthy and active (when not sleeping).
She also revealed one funny peculiarity: she often produces sounds while sleeping. She quietly moaning, squeaking in sleep 🙂
Here is her latest images:

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